Sewer Line Repair Is Best Left to the Professionals

Sewer Line Repair is one of the most important plumbing repairs you can do yourself if your home has a drain problem. The lining or pipes of the drain field are the property of the homeowner and the plumber is the professional who repairs them. So what should you look for when you consider hiring someone to repair your sewer line? Here are some tips for what to look for in your Sewer Line Repair.

Slow Drains/ Malfunctions: Slow drains that take more time to empty than normal or slow drains that don’t turn off by themselves could indicate a broken sewer line repair. Bad smells coming from your sinks and showers may also be signs of a faulty plumbing system. Foundation cracks: Cracks in the foundation may indicate that the floor joists are moving. If the ground floor slab of your house is moving toward the second floor (which happens when a basement is built on top of an upper level), this could mean that your house has a basement leak or is having drainage problems.

Sewer Line Repairs/ Replacements: How many times have you wanted a new drain or toilet and instead got a drain cleaning? If you have had the same plumber for years, you probably know how often this happens. They replace your old pipes with newer ones, but then they don’t replace your old plumbing tools and accessories so if they don’t come out right away, they might try to charge you for more time than needed. When you hire a sewer line repair company to come in to make sure your sewer lines are repaired properly and replaced properly, you get a professional who knows how to use the equipment necessary to repair your drainage problems.

Dumpster excavation: During a sewage main leak or replacement there will usually be an area of the yard where the debris will simply fall through. However, during excavation, the soil will move aside (due to settling) and new dirt will push down through the hole. This means that when you hire a sewer line repair company, they will need to excavate around the affected area to locate the problem and make any necessary repairs. Sometimes a trenchless sewer repair contractor is used, because they can handle larger projects such as tree roots that may be present.

Tree roots pose another issue when it comes to sewer line repair. Sometimes they can be very difficult to detect, especially underground. The roots can grow up to six feet underground and they can be very difficult to see with the naked eye. Many companies will use metal detectors, cameras and infrared technology, which can assist them in detecting the root obstruction. They may also dig around the obstruction with a shovel just like a regular excavation but will use heavy equipment to reach the main drain or sewer pipe.

If you don’t know how to fix problems with drain blockages, it’s best to hire a professional to do it for you. If you have older houses, you may find that your city requires you to get rid of the older drainage systems or you could even have to get rid of the older cast iron pipes for sanitary reasons. This is not the time to experiment with DIY projects. Sewer line repair should only be tackled by a professional if there is reason to suspect that the blockage is more than an aesthetic problem or if you want to keep your property from being sold because you can’t sell water contaminated properties. You don’t want to end up paying thousands of dollars to have the problem repaired.

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